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About Detox

Detox Organic Beauty and Wellness Salon was created by Master Stylist and Integrative Health Practitioner Jessica Bynum (Ruston). Jessica has been a stylist for over 16 years. She started her career at a luxury salon in southern New Hampshire just north of Boston. Jessica is dedicated to her craft and has spent numerous hours on her continuing education. She enjoys creating couture looks for each guest as well as truly connecting with the individual. After many years of struggle with autoimmune issues, Jessica discovered a more natural way of healing her body. She became so passionate about a more holistic way of life that she decided to become an Integrative Health Practitioner (holistic health coach). An idea was born along her health coaching journey to integrate her two loves; beauty and wellness. She is now dedicated to educating as many people as she can on the toxins in our beauty products as well as our environment. She wants to provide the tools and knowledge for people to not only look great on the outside, but to take back control of their health and finally feel alive again.


More About Detox

  1. Detox is proud to offer organic hair services as well as organic hair and body care products. My goal is to provide you with the safest and highest quality ingredients so that you can look amazing and have peace of mind knowing you are not putting toxins onto your body.

  2. Detox is committed to your wellness. I offer health coaching services as well as a complimentary toxicity quiz (upon request) to each guest. Learn more about the D.E.S.T.R.E.S.S. protocol that has had an amazing impact on hundreds of thousands of people’s lives.