Q: Does Detox take credit cards?

A: Yes. Detox is equipped with a Square credit card reader for your convenience.

Q: Does Detox accept cash transactions?

A: Yes, Detox accepts cash however, we do not normally have the ability to make change so exact cash is greatly appreciated.

Q: Does Detox have a cancellation policy?

A: Yes. Detox appreciates a 24 hour cancellation notice. We know that we live in a very hectic world so there is no penalty for your first no show. The second missed appointment will result in 50% charge of the missed service. The third missed appointment will result in 100% charge of the missed appointment. Fees must be paid before booking your next appointment.

Q: Does Detox offer single health coaching appointments?

A: No. While Jessica offers a great deal of free education and toxicity quiz (upon advanced notice), she feels a health coaching package is the most effective way for her guests to see the most progress. A coaching package consists of four appointments each about four weeks apart. After a guest completes this package they will be given a special code to be able to book single follow up appointments as needed.